Just incredible. Wonderful!
— Fern Britton, BBC Radio 2

Tristan you were so sublime in the church. The videographers said you were the best they had ever heard! Thanks again - you made our day!
— Scott and Sammi, Wedding

It was fantastic to have Tristan play at our wedding. An awesome talent that must be heard.
— Connaire & LIsa, Wedding 2017

Like Rod Stewart’s early homages to Sam Cooke... or Ed Sheeran in Memphis.
— Acoustic Magazine

A mixture of James Morrison’s vocals and John Mayer’s guitar playing. A touch of class from Devon’s Eric Clapton.
— Music News

His vocals are incredible, soulful and heartfelt.
— Canary Wharf Group

Easily able to move any music lover. He left the audience trembling.
— Classic Rock Magazine

Tristan Mackay ensares you. Gorgeous songs, and stunning guitar licks bleed from his fingers.
— Blues Magazine

-We just wanted to say thanks again for your performance on Saturday. It was exactly right for the evening and the guests all loved it.

Apart from your playing itself which is amazing, your warm personality and generosity as a musician was really what made it special. It is hard to overstate how much the musical personality comes across as much as the music itself.
— Kiru and Anna, Wedding 2016