Filling the wedding dance floor with one man and a guitar!

When asked to play acoustic covers for weddings, a lot couples ask me if I really can fill their dance floor on my own.

The simple answer is yes! And its no fluke, I've done it many hundreds of times, including for the weddings of family and friends, and gigantic parties for the likes of Virgin Holidays and Canary Wharf. I've played on boats, beaches, in country mansions and outdoors in the Tuscan sun.

How exactly does it work?

The first key thing is: once I start, I do not stop! By playing straight through an hour or 90 minute dance set the energy stays on the dance floor, where it belongs.

The right song choices are essential. This means reading your audience and guauging the songs that will get guests dancing and singing, and most importantly keep them there. 

I've been using a loop pedal since 2006, after I saw KT Tunstall using one on Later With...Jools. Pretty soon I was coming up with original twists on classics like Billie Jean and Superstitious, versions that have certainly stood the test of time and are still in my sets today. With a loop pedal, you can add bass and drums to live performances, and layer up guitar solos on top. Its great fun! You can see my early loop pedal busking work on YouTube.

Between the right song choices, nearly a decade of experience playing weddings all over the world, a great sound system and the loop pedal you have a magical combination! 

Totally different to a wedding band, its a really unique way to celebrate your evening.

A packed dance floor at my friend's marquee wedding in 2016.

A packed dance floor at my friend's marquee wedding in 2016.

Tristan Macay